The world changed, donating did not

Why do this?
Because we believe in
reimagining the world of giving, making it accessible, impactful, and trustworthy for all to create a brighter and more compassionate future. We must act now to create good for humanity with innovative and technologically adapted methods. 

Our Mission

At Suparity, our mission is to revolutionize donations using technology and empathy, transforming the world into a brighter, more compassionate place. Join us in reshaping what’s possible through seamless, impactful giving for a better future.

We are the airbnb for donations

Charitable organizations

Our idea offers charitable organizations a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing, saving them valuable resources., These organizations gain access to potential donors without the need for extensive marketing efforts. Additionally, our platform serves as a catalyst for connecting charities with new supporters, expanding their reach and impact. 


Donors benefit from our user-friendly application, providing an intuitive and seamless donation experience. They have the flexibility to adjust donation amounts at any time and access comprehensive project data and information. Additionally, our AI assistance aids donors in selecting projects aligned with their interests, enhancing their engagement and impact.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles that shape who we are as an organization and how we conduct ourselves in the world.


Whether it's pioneering fundraising techniques or developing new technologies, we remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and finding innovative solutions to address new challenges.


We understand that circumstances change, and so do preferences. That's why we provide donors with the freedom to adapt their contributions according to their evolving needs and capabilities.


From robust data encryption to strict compliance with industry standards, we prioritize the highest level of security to provide peace of mind to all those who entrust us with their support.


We believe in open communication, accountability, and honesty in our interactions with NGOs, donors, and partners. By maintaining transparent practices, we build trust and foster strong relationships.

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